Always Peanut & Tree-Nut Free!

Welcome to Eddie G’s Cookies!

Our Cookies

“A big hit with everyone. My daughter liked the chocolate-chocolate chip best. She said it was like eating a brownie on steroids (she’s 16). They were the perfect size for a dessert. I was very happy with the size. The packaging was appreciated, I just took the lid off and placed it on the desert table.”

– Jill

Our Story

Why can’t people with only nut allergies enjoy a cookie that is just nut-free and great tasting? This question is the base of our mission. Jordyn knows that nuts do not have to be present in cookies to make them taste good, while some of the other ingredients are necessary.

About Us

Welcome to Eddie G’s Cookies! Our mission is to provide you with totally awesome cookies without using peanut or tree-nut ingredients. Since truly delicious cookies do not need nuts in them, these can be enjoyed by everyone whether or not you have food allergies! To learn more about why we made this our mission, click here, to read our full story. Enjoy!